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I've always enjoyed cooking and baking, whether it was back in my college apartment or now in our first home. And even though I'm not in college anymore, I still find myself trying to keep things as inexpensive as possible most of the time. Old habits die hard.

This is where it all happens.

My fave recipe sources...
All Recipes
Our Best Bites
Food Network
Bon Appetit

Now that I'm on Pinterest, you can also check out all of my food-related boards to see the recipes on my must-try list!

Since I've documented several of my cooking experiences on my blog already (when I remember to take pictures), I decided it's time to start compiling them here for quick reference. There's not many to start out with, but I'll try to start posting more of my culinary creations from now on. And let's get one thing straight right now... I am no food photographer, so I apologize in advance. They usually taste much better than they look.

DIY Candy Bar Taste Test
Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies
Philly Chicken Sandwiches
Patriotic Fruit Pizzas
Delicious Trifle
Ultimate chocolate chip cookies
Fresh fruit salsa and cinnamon chips
Toasted coconut-caramel ice cream sundaes
Fish tacos with lime sauce
Slow-cooker vegetarian chili
Spinach lasagna rolls
Lemon butter cookies
Holiday gift baskets (including pumpkin bread, and a marshmallow FAIL)
Thanksgiving cranberry sauce
Coconut oatmeal cookies
Easy rum cake
Melon Ball Punch

Oh, you're still here? You must be really bored. In that case, you can read about my pantry makeover. It's thrilling!

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