Monday, October 31, 2016

Little House on the Corner is on Facebook

Happy Monday, friends! Just a small update for today... In an effort to revive my blog and get back to regular posting, etc., I've also decided to create a Facebook page for it.  It's just another convenient way that you can get notified about new posts as well as other DIY inspiration.

Feel free to head over to Facebook and give it a "Like"!  Don't forget, I'm also on Instagram @LHOTC_amanda.  

And now back to your regularly scheduled programming...

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Tips and Tools for Painting Trim White

So you wanna paint all your woodwork white? 


I kid, I kid.  

In all reality, if you don't have hundreds of dollars to spend replacing all of the woodwork in your house, painting it white is a very cost-effective (albeit time-consuming) way to make a major transformation. And if you don't have 3,618 other DIY projects going on at the same time, it's probably seems much more of a surmountable task. 

Monday, October 24, 2016

Tips for Edging Ceilings (and Other Tricky Painting Dilemmas)

In the 8+ years we've lived in our house, I've now repainted every single room with the exception of a couple closets and the pantry.  I also painted our entire basement after we finished the drywall last year. My husband hates painting, so the task usually falls on my shoulders.  I don't mind though; I actually enjoy it for the most part because I get satisfaction with the immediate results of changing a wall color.  The only part that I dislike is all the prep work (because I'm an impatient person and just want to get to the results).

While I still wouldn't consider myself a pro, I've learned a few things along the way that have made some of the tricky painting areas easier.  These methods may not work for everyone, but I figured I'd share just in case they come in handy for someone!  

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Operation Declutter: Organization Ideas for the Kitchen

I'm generally a pretty organized person.  I like to have a place for everything, and everything in its place.  I try to sort through junk mail right away and deal with the rest as needed.  

With that said, I have my moments where things start to get a little out of control.  Our current kitchen renovation being one of them.  For some reason, it's less motivating to stay organized when everything around you is just a mess.  But once we get the kitchen all put back together and it looks amazing (hopefully), I'm going make a conscious effort to get-and stay--organized again. 

It irks me when papers, junk mail, and other random things accumulate on the counter.  Counter space is valuable real estate in our small kitchen, so I'd prefer to keep it as uncluttered as possible.  I've been brainstorming a few ideas for a mail station/organizer to hang on the wall behind our door in the kitchen.  Aside from mail, it needs to be a drop zone for keys, dog leashes, sunglasses/wallet/cell phone, etc.  A low profile is also important since it's right behind the door.


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