Thursday, April 16, 2015

DIY Coffee Filter Floral Wreath

You guys. I am so stoked about this project. (Does anyone used the word stoked anymore?) In fact, I’m just going to glaze over the fact that it’s been five months since my last blog post, and dive right into this masterpiece.

I’ve been wanting to make a fun, spring/summer indoor wreath and had seen several coffee filter wreaths on Pinterest. So this was the perfect excuse for a good ol’ DIY evening. It really is an easy project and doesn’t take a whole lot of skill – just a lot of coffee filters, time, and patience (and maybe a couple glasses of wine if you’re so inclined). But it’s worth the end result if you ask me.

Aside from the coffee filters (which only cost $1 for a package of 100), I got all my supplies at Hobby Lobby:
Coffee filters (2 packs)
12” wreath form
Sewing pins (box of 325)
Faux flowers (on clearance!)
Total cost: About $10

(Side note: If you're making a lot of coffee filter crafts -- or just drinking a lot of coffee - you can also buy coffee filters in bulk on Amazon, like these: Brew Rite Coffee Filter - 700 ct.)

All I did, based on some other tutorials I’d read, was fold each coffee filter in half twice to create a triangle shape. Then I’d take 2-3 at a time and pin them directly onto the wreath form. I suppose you could use hot glue but I didn’t want to mess with that and the pin method was pretty quick. Plus, it allows you to reposition the filters which I ended up doing several times.

It was slow going but eventually the wreath started to fill out and I felt like I was making some progress. Even if you think your wreath form looks small and puny, it will get really full once you start adding the filters! But you can adjust the fullness to your preference depending on where you pin the filters.
Aren't these ruffles so pretty?

I decided to mix it up a bit and add some color and texture interest. So once the wreath was about 80% covered with filters, I added on some green faux flowers.  I used a large hydrangea bloom (which I already happened to have) and secured it onto the wreath form with a twist tie. Then I stuck in the extra green flowers from Hobby Lobby to fill in around the hydrangea.

And because I'm all about keepin' it real, I'm going to show you the back side of the wreath which I did not completely cover. Yes, it's ugly. But does anyone ever have to know that (besides you)? No, they don't. It'll be our little secret. Of course, if you wanted to cover the entire thing with filters, more power to you!

The final step was to pin a ribbon onto the back so I could hang the wreath on our dining room mirror. I stepped back to admire my project in all its aahhh-mazingness.

I’m still debating whether or not to jazz it up even more with a watercolor effect I saw on this blog. But for now, I'm happy with the all-white filters and I’m going to leave it as is. What I also really like is that I can easily change out the flowers to match different seasons (hellooo, poinsettias for Christmas!).

This project made me realize there’s a whole world of potential for coffee filter crafts! And it’s great that they’re so cheap. You could do some really cute pom-poms for parties, bridal/baby showers, or even nursery decor.

What do you think? Have you ever crafted with coffee filters?

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