Friday, July 21, 2017

Bathroom Vanity Chalk Paint Makeover: Part II

[NOTE: Missed out on Part I? Check it out!]

Between finishing our basement and the ongoing renovations on our main floor, I live for mini-victories like this one to keep me motivated (read: sane). It reminds me of the way I felt after my coffee table makeover and kitchen cabinet makeover. The common thread running through these projects? Chalk paint!

Yes, once again, I turned to my trusty can of Annie Sloan chalk paint to transform this vanity in our guest bathroom.

Before: Boring, blah, builder-grade.
Much like all of our other cabinetry and trim (which has since been painted), it featured an Oompa Loompa-esque stain.

Once the cabinet was painted, distressed, and waxed (which you can read more about in my previous post), we installed the new countertop and faucet to fully complete the makeover. After shopping around for integral sink countertops of all kinds, we ended up deciding on this solid white cultured marble top from Menards. Nothing special, but the clean simplicity is what I was going for, especially with the newly painted gray cabinet. And the $78 price tag was hard to beat!

For the faucet, we went with an oil-rubbed bronze to match the other fixtures in the bathroom which we've gradually changed out over the years. And it was a good excuse to try out a trough-style faucet, in the form of this Pfister Aliante model (also found at Menards). The cost was about $125 after rebate, which I felt was pretty reasonable considering how expensive faucets can get.

I had a vision in my head for how this vanity would turn out, and the reality did not disappoint. With that said, here's the final result!

You guys, this French Linen color is just dreamy.

We have yet to caulk (or is it silicone?) the back edge and sidesplash of the countertop, but other than than the vanity is done and all the plumbing is hooked back up again. 

And of course, here's the official "before & after" for emphasis!

Just to recap the cost of this vanity makeover:
  • Annie Sloan Chalk Paint: $35 (although I still have the majority of the can leftover)
  • Integral sink countertop: $78
  • Faucet: $125

Total: $238

How do you think it turned out? Would you have tried a DIY makeover, or just bought a brand new vanity?

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