Friday, November 4, 2016

DIY Farmhouse-style Wall Organizer for the Kitchen

For quite some time now, this idea has been percolating in my head. With the ongoing transformation of our "modern farmhouse" kitchen, I knew we would need a new wall organizer customized for this space. (Here are a few kitchen de-cluttering inspiration ideas I posted recently.) 

The existing organizer, which hangs on the narrow wall behind our door to the garage, was very sad and outdated. Along with being a holder for our keys and dog leashes, it had become a dumping ground for random receipts, appointment reminder cards, gift cards, etc. Quite frankly, we had let it get pretty junky looking. 

At first I thought of just painting the wood frame white to give it a fresh updated look.  (That's pretty much what I've done with everything else around here.) But I still really didn't like the look of the corkboard anymore, and the three cubby holes were too small.  On to Plan B...

This summer, I had acquired some long pieces of wonderfully weathered barnwood. They've been sitting in our garage waiting for their time to shine, and this was a perfect excuse. I picked out one of the pieces -- which was about 34" long by 11" wide -- and gave it a good cleaning (or at least a sufficient cleaning).  I used the jet setting on the hose to spray it down, then scrubbed it with a brush dipped in hot water & Dawn dish soap, then sprayed it down again. The process took a lot of the old dirt and grime off, revealing the perfect brown-gray weathered wood. The knots and nail holes give it even more character.

Several months ago I had also bought one of these galvanized metal envelopes from Target, for no other reason than I just really liked it and saw its potential for a project someday.  I can see into the future like that, you know.

(If you can't find this exact one at Target, I've also seen a similar concept on Amazon, except the envelope has little hooks along the bottom of it:  Foyer Wall Mount Mail , Key , Newspaper , Magazine Holder Coat Rack Envelope Shape Entryway Organizer with 6 hooks , Steel White)

But the envelope alone wasn't going to be enough; I needed some other type of organization to maximize the functionality of this piece.  The vision in my head involved wire baskets, so I set out on a search to find some. Not surprisingly, Hobby Lobby had exactly what I wanted. These little baskets only cost $2.50 each (at half off). I bought four for good measure, and ended up using two for my wall organizer. 

Can't find these exact baskets at Hobby Lobby? You might want to check out these other options:
Since I planned to reuse the hooks from the old organizer, I now had all the major components ready. I scrounged up a couple screws in the garage to hang the metal envelope, and drilled pilot holes to thread wire through for attaching the baskets.  Then all that was left was screwing in the three hooks. (I didn't drill pilot holes for any of the screws because the time-worn wood was soft enough already.) 

You can barely see the wire used to secure the baskets.

The hooks from the old organizer ended up being just the right size.
It was meant to be!

Voila!  My new farmhouse-style wall organizer was complete -- and maybe even better than what I'd envisioned in my head. The envelope will be used for bills & outgoing mail, and the baskets will be perfect for phone, wallet, sunglasses, etc. The total cost of my DIY farmouse-style wall organizer was around $15 (which isn't too shabby in my opinion).

In addition to the kitchen, it would also work well in an entryway or office. Of course, you could do the same thing with a piece of new wood that's made to look old & distressed. But I just love the look of the authentic barnwood! It's just hard to replicate this rough, rustic beauty.

I still need to buy some triangle hooks to hang my new wall organizer back on the kitchen wall, but I was too excited about it to delay this post.  Besides, I still have to paint the trim on the nearby pantry and garage doors, so it might be a little while before I get it hung up anyway.  You can be sure I'll share more pictures later! 

How do you keep your mail/keys/receipts/etc. organized in the kitchen?

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