Monday, November 5, 2012

Master Bedroom Makeover Part I: Curtain Call

Ok, so it's a little backwards to have the "curtain call" as Part I, but before I do the final reveal, I have to share this project first.

If you've been a regular reader around here over the past few years (just let me flatter myself by thinking that), you might recall that most of our temporary paper shades outlasted their "temporary" status by about, oh, 3 or 4 years. Window treatments have evolved very slowly in this house.

Our master bedroom hasn't been the first priority among all the other home improvements, but I finally moved it up to the top of the list last month. Even though other people don't see our bedroom on a daily basis, I was sick of these tragic paper shades that had long since overstayed their welcome.

I know...cringe. Part of the reason it took so long to finally get rid of them is that I wasn't sure how to cover the windows. Blinds? Roman shades? Curtains? Sure, I could have just gone out and bought something pre-made (which would have been easiest) but my cheap budget-conscious side won out. Also, these windows weren't really a standard size (of course).

I went to Hancock Fabrics in search of some fabric I could use to make two curtains. (I had decided that a single panel for each window was sufficient, since we don't ever really need to open them up.) After quite a bit of searching, I found some fabric on major clearance and got three yards for about $6!  I'm not sure what kind of fabric it actually is, but it was just the right neutral color (is that an oxymoron?) with a slight texture and nice sheen to it.

Since I am not a seamstress by any stretch of the imagination, I dug out my iron and my trusty Steam-A-Seam fusible webbing. After cutting the fabric to the right size, I began "no-sewing" the hems by folding over the edges about 1", placing a strip of Steam-A-Seam inside, and ironing.

To allow for a small rod at the top, I folded over that edge about 2" and placed the Steam-A-Seam at the very edge to leave enough space for a narrow pocket. It probably took over an hour to finish both curtains. I decided not to make them floor length, because I felt like that would encroach upon our already small room, and it would get in the way of some of the furniture which can't really be moved.

We got some cheap-o tension rods (read: no mounting!) at Lowe's for $4 each. Sure, they're flimsy, but sturdy enough to support the lightweight curtains. So, without further ado, I present to you one of the finished curtains!

They might look a little old-school with the bunched-up top edge, which I couldn't really avoid, but you've gotta admit it's a vast improvement on the pleated paper shades! And did I mention that the total cost for both curtains & rods was only about $14? I'll take it.

In addition to these curtains, I also changed up another element that made a big difference in updating our bedroom, so stay tuned for Part II for the full reveal. (Hint: You already saw a sneak preview in one of the pictures above.)

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