Friday, September 23, 2011

Guest Post: Fall DIY Ideas for the Unemployed Homeowner

Today I wanted to share with you a guest post by Jakob Barry. Jakob is a writer for and covers various home improvement topics including house renovation and concrete driveway repair.

The topic at hand happens to be Fall DIY Ideas for the Unemployed Homeowner. (Yes, I conveniently timed this with the first day of fall!) But these tips can really apply to every homeowner. With that said, take it away, Jakob!

As is the unfortunate case in today’s economy many Americans are doing whatever it takes to find substantial work but overall they are still having a tough time.

Unemployed homeowners are especially hit hard and their situation can be very discouraging when homes need work and the financial means to hire help isn’t available.

Nevertheless, the forecast isn’t completely dreary as various tasks that may once have been assigned to a handyman can be taken on by some of the most novice DIY homeowners and with the internet as a tool there’s a wealth of information and services ready to assist.

It just takes a little bit of patience and some extra confidence to be successful and autumn chores are the perfect place to start:

Yard work: Whether it’s weeding, pruning, or clipping bushes, most of what needs to be done in the yard doesn’t require paying someone else and if you’re careful with all the waste, much of the uprooted vegetation can be salvaged to enhance next year’s garden at no cost. Turning it into compost and mulch will provide much needed nutrients and if you’re really savvy some clippings can also be repotted and sold.

Seal windows and doors: When trying to heat or cool a home these are the most likely places where air escapes or drafts enter. The result is usually rising costs and extra stress on heating and air conditioning systems. With the winter just around the corner, the fall is the latest time to seal windows and doors with caulk and other materials.

HVAC filters: Speaking of heating and air conditioning, if the system has been running often the filters and vents should periodically be checked. After a while they get blocked and start re-circulating dirty particles making the systems work harder and sending unclean air back into circulation.

Check gutters: Rain gutters and downspouts are extremely important as they collect water and direct it away from the home. When clogged from leaves or other debris water sits, overflows, and often finds ways into the roof and walls. The importance of cleaning the gutters and downspouts cannot be underestimated since the alternative could be major water damage to the home. NOTE: Be extremely careful when climbing ladders for this kind of work and if you aren’t comfortable don’t attempt going up without supervision or help.

Roof maintenance: Like with gutters, roofing problems can mean severe water damage. Precautionary measures include removing debris from shingles, checking that they aren’t ripped, warped, or damaged, and inspecting flashings that protect around structural beams, pipes or vents protruding from the roof. Again, take great care when climbing a ladder and if you just aren’t up to it a good substitute is zooming in on the roof with a digital camera or at the very least checking the ceiling in the attic for discolorations, mold, or mildew. If some of these are found, some patchwork may be necessary.

Tools and machines: Preserve garden tools by cleaning them off, and instead of leaving gas powered machines standing with fuel through the winter it’s a good safety measure to empty them out. Also, role up extension cords and disconnect the hose closing the spigots for the winter so they don’t run the risk of freezing.

Hope you found this post helpful, as it will only be a matter of time before winter's here. Got any other good tips that weren't listed here? Share them in the comments!

For more home improvement articles, check out Thanks again to Jakob Barry!


Kate@TwentySixToLife said...

Great tips!

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

Good tips, unfortunately a lot of these things people overlook!!

canvas prints said...

Some great ideas there, thanks a lot for sharing them!

Jamie said...

Great comments, thanks guys!

modern wall art said...

I love a bit of gardening, wish I was unemployed to have the time!

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I really enjoyed this site, many thanks.

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