Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The 'Zine Scene

So I got my first issues of House Beautiful and Better Homes and Gardens in the mail a few days ago (thanks to a couple of 1-year subscriptions on Amazon for a mere 5 smackers). I've been trying not to look at them, like a kid trying not to peek at the Christmas presents, because I want some new reading material to take along on the Thanksgiving road trip.

I'm super excited to start channeling my inner domestic diva! Anyone out there subscribe to either of these mags? What other glossies are you reading? (Even if it's not home-related... I'm also a fan of InStyle and Bon Appetit.)

Speaking of the impending holiday... I'll be making some pumpkin pie bars and apple pie today to take to the fam ... yummmm! 

And next time I post, I'll hopefully have some good Black Friday deals to report on, and of course... decorating for Christmas! I'm even going to get my Martha Stewart on and try my hand at a crafty project or two... check back for an update on Sunday!

But until then... Happy Thanksgiving!


micah @ the yellow front door said...

I went a little crazy on the subscriptions (all from Amazon)

House Beautiful
People Style Watch
Real Simple
Entertainment Weekly

I also get Dwell, but I never signed up for it.

Can't wait to try your delicious desserts!

design_aholic said...

I love House Beautiful, and have subscribed for only a few months! One of my coworkers said I went from like 25 to 40... after we got the house, all I wanted to do was decorate, and craft. I guess my true domestic side is just coming out!

Another great Mag is Traditional Home... I like it because I'm more on the classic/contemporary side, and it gives good ideas, even though I wouldn't do 100% of them.

Amanda said...

Thanks for your comments - I think I need to check out Real Simple and Traditional Home, too!


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