Saturday, September 23, 2017

Dining Table Chalk Paint Transformation: Part II

Did you catch my last blog post about painting our dining table? If not, go check that out now. I'll just wait right here. 

K. Now that we're all caught up, it's time to share the full reveal of the table transformation, including our new chairs!

While I had been fairly confident about the look of the table (two-tone; distressed legs), the chair selection was a different story. We weren't trying to find something to match the table, but rather just "go" with it. I'm all about the mix-and-match approach these days. But it was bit overwhelming to sift through all the options and make a decision on style, material and color.

At first we were thinking of some metal chairs like these, or these, but Luke wanted something with a higher back and a more formal look. The next path we explored was looking at fabric chairs along these lines. I was almost sold on this style, but then decided I wanted something with more of an open back rather than a solid one. It just seemed like it would make our small dining space feel bigger somehow, but maybe I'm weird about things like that. 

Anyway, we switched gears and started looking at some wooden chairs. I kind of liked this style, but then I stumbled upon these beauties and it was love at first sight:

I was immediately drawn to the blue-green hue (just had to get Luke on board with it) and the distressing. It seemed like it would be a fun complement to the newly-transformed table as opposed to a more neutral or dark chair. Plus, most of the reviews were pretty positive. Factor in the reasonable price (about $150 for a set of two) and Prime shipping, and it was worth the gamble.

Three days later, we had four chairs waiting on our porch. They each came packaged in two pieces like this, plus the two front legs:

Assembly wasn't too bad, just a little time-consuming with all the bolts. I will say that there was one chair which we'll probably try to send back for a replacement, due to some defects. A little frustrating, but I can't say I'm terribly surprised. It's structurally sound for now, so we went ahead and put it together (so I could take my pictures, obvs).

Aside from that, the chairs seem pretty solid overall and I'm really happy with how they look in person. The blue-green color is so pretty, and the dark distressed marks help them tie in with the dark table top. 

Forgive the lighting, it's a little tricky to get good pictures in this space!

Just for good measure, here's a look at the before (counter-height; all black table & chairs) and after (regular-height; two-tone table with blue/green chairs).

My work here isn't quite done yet though... I'm thinking a table runner would be nice, and also debating whether or not to distress the table legs a bit heavier (right now it's just the edges). But at least the vision is all starting to come together, finally. Now if we could just get that kitchen finished... (There's a reason none of my pictures are taken from the other angle!)

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