Wednesday, June 25, 2014

You're So Vain: Bedroom Vanity Inspiration

Our master bedroom recently got a much-needed facelift thanks to a fresh coat of paint and new bedding. But there's one thing I can't change, no matter how much I wish I could: the size of the room. It's pretty small for a master, if you ask me. (Unfortunately, no one did ask me.)
With that said, a girl can still dream. If our bedroom was bigger, one thing that would be a nice luxury to have is a vanity. My very own space to sit and get ready in the mornings. (Maybe I would even be more motivated to spend more time on my hair and makeup...)  And even when I'm not actually using it, it would just look pretty!
I recently discovered One Kings Lane, which offers a lot of unique furniture, accent pieces, mirrors, lighting, and other home decor--from name brand to one-of-a-kind vintage finds. It's really an eclectic assortment. They also happen to have some cool items for vanities, so I thought I'd put together a mood board with some of my favorites. 

As far as my own personal style goes, I'm kind of noncommittal a mix-and-match type of gal. I generally lean toward a more modern look, but I also like some traditional influence too. With that said, here's how I would style my dream vanity!

  • Lenoir Oversized Mirror, Silver Leaf - Obviously the mirror is a pretty crucial part of any vanity. This particular statement mirror is nice and big and simple, but the shape adds some interest. (If you're in the market for a new wall mirror, check out the rest of their selection... lots of stylish choices for a variety of tastes.) 
  • King George Vanity - So, this piece is pretty fabulous. I love the translucent look because it doesn't make the piece seem as visually heavy. Plus, it would fit in with any color scheme in the bedroom. I suppose the only downside would be keeping the mirrored top and drawers free of smudges. (But that's my practical side talking, and who cares about practical when we're dreaming?)
  • Elise Stool - The translucent legs and clean lines coordinate perfectly with the vanity, and the neutral beige seat looks pretty comfy.
  • 15" Vanity Tray, Colette Yellow - This tray is the perfect way to add a bright pop of color, and I dig the pattern. It's stylish yet functional as a place to contain my makeup, perfume, jewelry, etc.
  • Tin Bird Box Assortment (Set of 3) - A cute and quirky addition to hold cotton balls, Q-tips, hair accessories, etc. A little punch of personality!
  • Roxy 2-Light Wall Sconce - Every vanity needs some good lighting, right? There's actually a left and right version of this sconce, which is very sleek and timeless. 
Do any of these items match your style? And, do you actually have a vanity? (If so, color me jealous!)

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