Sunday, June 8, 2014

Taupe-tastic Makeover Part II: Master Bathroom

Last week, I posted about our newly-painted master bedroom.  But that was only the first half of this project... we also have a master bathroom which needed to be painted too.  And that bathroom happens to be quite large--practically as much surface area as our bedroom, it seemed--so it was no piece of cake to paint. Let me just say that having 10-foot-tall ceilings is nice, except when you have to paint the room.

Now that I'm done complaining about what a headache it was, let's check out the before pictures (I didn't remember to take pictures right before painting, so these are from a few years ago). It was the same aqua color as our bedroom used to be, with the same sloppy paint marks up on the ceiling. 

Our master bathroom consists of double sinks, a very under-utilized soaker tub, a toilet room, a shower, and our closet. 

Also, as you can see above, there was some vinyl wall lettering which had to be removed before painting. I had another plan for that space anyway, which you'll see in my next post (teaser alert!).

Using the same color scheme as our master bedroom, I painted almost all of the walls Tree Branch (a Sherwin Williams color which we had matched to Clark + Kensington). But I painted the two outer walls of the toilet room Tavern Taupe just to set them off very subtly from the rest of the walls, which was Luke's suggestion. (By the way, is there a technical name for a toilet room? It just doesn't sound very glamorous.)

We also had to fix a large crack in our wall above the shower, which was due to a poor mudding & taping job at the drywall seam. Boo. The fact that our walls are textured has always been a little intimidating when it comes to fixing holes, etc.  However, we found a product called Homax Wall Texture aerosol spray and figured it was worth a shot. First Luke prepped the area by cutting out the drywall along the crack and patching it up. After letting a coat of primer dry, we sprayed on the orange peel texture until it looked like it matched ours. We wouldn't know if it really worked until after painting.

Wow - bad lighting in this picture! The wall looks putrid green. But you get the point.

Finally, finally, finally, the entire bathroom was painted. And it was glorious. I love the color, it kind of reminds me of milk chocolate. Keep in mind we have no natural light source in the bathroom, so I had to take pictures with all the lights on. 

This is where the crack was above the shower. Can you tell? If we look at it closely at the right angle, I think we can see a faint line, but only because we know it was there. Otherwise, I'd say the spray-on wall texture worked pretty well and I'm sure we'll use it for other patches around the house.

I was so happy to peel all of this tape off!

Here's the toilet room with the outer walls a slightly lighter color.

This is one project I'm so glad to have finally crossed off our list. I really want to paint our living area next, but I'm gonna need a break after this. Plus, I have to wait until the next BOGO paint sale at Ace Hardware!

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