Wednesday, September 28, 2011

"Framed" Canvas Artwork: Corner Conundrum Solved

Remember a couple weeks ago when I told you about my new canvas print? Here it is again to refresh your memory.

Pretty small in this space, right?

My genius remedy was to paint a "frame" on the wall around the canvas to beef it up a little bit. Well, the result was still underwhelming and somehow incomplete.

My next move? Paint a second frame, of course! (I wasn’t going to give up on this idea, dammit.) So, back to the paint samples I went. I wanted to go with a color just a couple shades darker than the original aqua-ish wall color. We happened to be at Menard’s, so I bought a sample of Pittsburgh Paint Marine Reef for $2.94.

This time the taping was a little more tedious, since I had to tape off two rectangles instead of just one. After my last experience, I also decided to take Kim’s advice to help prevent the paint from leaking under the tape (due to our heavily textured walls). I painted a coat of the Breakwater White on the inside of the frame in hopes that it would act as a “seal” when I painted the new Marine Reef color next to it.

Then, after a couple coats of Marine Reef, I carefully pulled off the tape. Much to my dismay, there was still some bleed-through. *Insert curse words here.* (I must need Kim to come over and do that part for me.)

Stupid textured walls... Anyway, I couldn’t just leave it like that, so I grabbed a small artist’s paintbrush and painstakingly painted over the excess Marine Reef spots with Breakwater White. It actually wasn’t all that hard, just time consuming. In the end, it turned out pretty good (if I do say so myself) and left a nice, crisp border. *Insert sigh of satisfaction here.*

BUT… this space was still missing something. I scrounged around the house and found this “Relax” word decor, which was originally black. However, a few coats of trusty white spray paint would change that. *mwahahahaha*

But wait, there’s more! My final item to complete the “beachy” theme was a vase filled with sand and seashells, which I hijacked from our master bathroom. finally looked complete. The canvas isn’t floating in the middle of nowhere, and I think the painted “frames” helps give it more weight. The added accents fill the extra space and pull everything together (I hope). Let’s recap again, just for fun:


After #1 (single frame)

After #2 (double frame)
So, what do you think of my cheap decorating solutions for this corner?

11x14 Canvas Artwork - $12 (with discount)
Two Paint Samples - $6
Misc. Accents - Free


Kate@TwentySixToLife said...

haha, I had to chuckle at your I wasn’t going to give up on this idea, dammit comment. I have that same thought with 90% of the things that I do! Great job beefing up the "frame"!

Mrs. Chic said...

I love it! Yup white paint is always perfect :)

I really like the idea of painting a frame around your canvas it looks cute!

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

Darn it! Sorry my very scientific (not) system didn't work. Textured walls make everything more difficult.

It really looks great. I like it with the extra frame.

Danielle and Clint said...

This looks so fab!! Great job with the colors and idea!

RD said...

The white "mat" completes the look! The corner looks great!

xl pharmacy said...

It is impressive that a small change can make a huge difference in the decoration of a room. congratulation you did a great job with it.


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