Sunday, August 11, 2019

Copper accents for the kitchen

I like shiny things. I can't help it. Copper accent pieces have been my weakness for awhile, but I'm trying not to overdo it. In our kitchen especially, we already have a metallic mosaic backsplash, so I gotta reign myself in. 

That said, I have found four copper items that happily reside in the kitchen (three of which happen to be purchased from Amazon, my other guilty pleasure). 

Indoor Compost Bin
In an effort to reduce my carbon footprint just a smidge, I purchased this little countertop compost bin last year. It's basically a copper pail with a lid that has a charcoal filter to absorb odors. So instead of throwing fruit and vegetable scraps (and other compostable items) in the trash, I toss them into a liner inside this little copper pail. To be clear, the pail itself does not turn food into compost -- it's just a cute, non-smelly way to contain your food scraps. Since I don't have a yard composter nor do I use compost in our yard, I take this little bin to our office when it's full and dump it into buckets which are picked up by a community composting service.

Moscow Mule Mugs
Moscow mules might be one of my favorite drinks, but surprisingly we did not own a proper vessel to drink them from until recently. Once we finished our floating shelves in the kitchen, I knew that Moscow mule mugs would be the perfect dual-purpose accent (decorative and functional!). After researching a few options on Amazon, I ended up purchasing a set of two that also came with two mini-mugs which I assume are the equivalent of a shot glass. All in all, it contributes to a nice little shelf display. 

Last time I checked, the set that I bought was out of stock on Amazon, but this mug design is similar: 

Butcher block countertops and condensation are not a good combo. Even though the butcher block is sealed with water-resistant tung oil, we're careful to avoid sitting drinks directly on it. Once again, I turned to Amazon in search of (what else?) copper coasters. And of course there were several options to choose from. Below is the set of four I ended up getting. They're pretty nice and heavier than you'd think for being so thin. Although I will say that they have an annoying tendency to stick to the bottom of your wet glass and fall off when you pick it up. Oh well, guess you can't win 'em all!

Lastly, I also have this wire bowl, which I actually found on sale at Target. Woot!

Alright, now that you know my weakness when it comes to accent pieces... I'd love to know what yours is!

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