Sunday, March 3, 2019

Styled Floating Shelves in the Kitchen

In my last blog post, I revealed the new floating shelves in our kitchen. Since then I've played around with decorating them and am actually pretty happy with the results (although I'm sure it won't be long before I'm ready to change things up again). 

First I shopped around our own house, pulling out some items we currently had on hand (including Moscow mule mugs, wine corks, and a couple mini succulent plants). But I also needed wanted more white accents for a nice contrast against the metallic backsplash and natural wood shelves. Nothing that a trip to Target and Home Goods couldn't solve! I came back with some small square plates, a couple white coffee mugs and a white coffee canister (all of which serve both functional and decorative purposes). A couple styling sessions later, this was where I ended up:

That copper canister is actually a container for food scraps, ultimately for composting purposes. Although you'd never guess what's on the inside, because it's so pretty on the outside! You can find it here on Amazon: Kitchen Compost Pail Bin for Countertop (their photos don't look that great but it's beautiful in person).

All together, it was just enough to fill up the shelves with a nice variety of accents and make our kitchen feel [finally!] complete after a seemingly never-ending DIY renovation. I don't think I'll be the type of person who decorates their shelves for every season, but I'm sure I'll end up finding fun new accents every once in awhile. What's here now will easily work for year-round purposes.

Fun fact: Way back when we took the cabinets off this wall so I could chalk paint them, we actually reinstalled them about 8 inches higher in order to make more room for the shelves underneath. It also helps just make the whole space feel a bit more open. 

I love the look of kitchens with lots of open shelving, but for us and our kitchen, these two shelves are just enough to give the effect we wanted. How do you feel about open shelves? Do you have any in your kitchen or other rooms? 

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