Saturday, March 24, 2018

Space-saving Solutions for the Pantry

My biggest achievement of the week is actually hidden behind a closed door. Go figure. But that doesn't make it any less gratifying!

Lately I've grown increasingly frustrated with our cluttered pantry. I've already come to terms with the fact that it will never be a bright, beautiful, Instagram-worthy pantry — but surely I could at least improve upon its current state: 

The issue really boils down to not using the space that efficiently. Although the freestanding red wire shelves have certainly helped by giving me two levels to work with, there was still a lot of vertical space to be taking advantage of. So one night last week I headed to Amazon in search of organization inspiration. 

After comparing several different pantry storage solutions, I settled on the following two products:


I could hardly wait the two days until the packages arrived on my front porch. Seriously, it was like a kid waiting for Christmas morning. (Since when have I become so dull that something like this is the highlight of my week?)

Anyway, I started setting up the can organizer first (which was pretty simple). The only thing that caused me grief was getting the plastic dividers to clip onto the racks... so I just haven't done that part yet. Not sure if it's user error or an actual defect. But the rack still serves its purpose without the dividers for now.

I'd say that's an improved use of space, wouldn't you? Next up, I sorted out the items that would be best stored in the under-shelf wire baskets. The chosen ones ended up being the food storage boxes and bags, along with boxes of tea.

So now my shelves look like this! Okay, okay — it's not the world's most impressive before-and-after, but it made me a happy camper. Due to the space that was freed up, I was also able to better organize the other shelves too. I've already ordered a couple more sets of these space-saving wire baskets to help organize our closets next.

Have you had any organization victories lately?

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