Monday, October 21, 2013

Easy Pumpkin Decorating for Fall

I'm a little late to the game, considering fall has been here for a month already. But this past weekend, I finally gave our front porch a proper (albeit cheap & easy) seasonal makeover.

The star players in my display are the perennial fall favorites: pumpkins & mums. I bought three big pumpkins at Aldi for only $3 each, and four potted mums at Dillon's for $3 each. I prefer pumpkin painting over carving, but I had already done the black & white thing a couple years ago. This year I decided I wanted to go for the gold instead, so I bought a gold paint marker at Hobby Lobby for about $3.50. 

The first thing that came to mind was polka dots, which were simple enough to do freehand (and no one would notice that they weren't perfect circles). 

I love the shiny metallic look! Definitely need to use gold paint markers more often. For the second pumpkin, I switched it up and drew some spiral designs all over it. 

For the third pumpkin, I got tired of drawing and decided to try something else that I had seen on Pinterest. I cut a circle out of the top, cleaned out all the pumpkin guts, and placed one of my potted mums on the inside. So simple, but so festive!

(Thanks Instagram for making pictures look so much better!)

How do you make your pumpkins prettier?

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Lets just build a house! said...

i esp like the polka dots! they are just darn cute on anything!


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