Sunday, August 4, 2013

Baby Shower Gift Idea + Pretty Packaging

When it comes to gifts, sometimes I’m a buy-it-off-the-registry-and-stick-it-in-a-gift-bag type of person. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.) Other times I like to have fun and be a little more creative with my gifting, if only for my own enjoyment. Case in point: my sister-in-law’s baby shower this past weekend. I had seen a couple cute ideas on Pinterest and this was a perfect opportunity to try them out.

1) Onesie Cupcakes
(inspiration pic below)

2) Washcloth Lollipops
(inspiration pic below)

Adorable, right? So first I went out shopping in search of some onesies. The only challenge was, because they don’t know the sex of the baby yet, I had to find something gender-neutral. On top of that, it was very hard (in my experience anyway) to find something gender-neutral and colorful. So, I ended up with some white & tan ones with little monkey designs on them. Not very cupcake-y looking, but they would have to do. I also had to settle for white socks.

Next, I had to find the perfect box for my cupcakes. Enter Hobby Lobby. I love looking through their baking aisle at all of the fun supplies and packaging for cake pops, cupcakes, cookies, etc. They had several different designs for cupcake boxes and I picked one with green and purple flowers (which happen to be the colors of their nursery). I also got some coordinating cupcake liners.

For the "lollipops," I picked up a pack of 6 baby washcloths at Target. I already had some little treat bags at home that would work perfectly for the wrappers. I also found a little green pail at Hobby Lobby, along with some foam to stick the lollipops in. But I wanted to dress up the pail a little bit too, so I picked out some pastel, glittery foam stickers to spell “Baby” on it.

Since the idea was to assemble everything into a gift basket of sorts, I had to find the right container. My sister-in-law had registered for some of those folding storage cubes, which actually would be the perfect size to put everything in. Fun and functional! Love it. And finally, it would all need to be wrapped up nice and pretty, so I bought a gift basket bag at Hobby Lobby as well..

The gifts... (including a cute little monkey blanket/rattle thing)

The packaging...  (I didn't end up using the roll of clear cello).

I pretty much followed the instructions for the onesie cupcakes found here. I had to try a couple times to get them rolled tightly enough to fit in my cupcake liners, but they finally did. (Now that I think about it, I bought 0-3 month size, maybe if they were newborn size it would have been easier??) 

(In case you're curious, I just used Scotch tape to hold them in place once they were all rolled up.) Since the box was made to hold six cupcakes and I only had four onesies, I just stuffed some tissue paper in the middle for filler.

These cupcake boxes are just way too fun! 
I'll have to buy more and put real cupcakes in them next time.

Now on to the lollipops. I rolled the washcloths up two at a time; one by itself would have been too small. But, this method created a better spiral effect anyway. For the sticks, I just taped the backside of the lollipops onto a wooden skewer. Then I pulled the treat bags over the top and tied them off with some ribbon. 

After adhering the foam to the bottom of the green pail, I stuck my wooden skewers in (after cutting them to different lengths). The letter stickers added the final touch.

So far, I was pretty happy with how it was all looking! Time to put everything together. The clear gift basket bag turned out to be the perfect size to package it all up with. I tied it off with ribbon and added a few cute balloons for the final touch (I work for a balloon company so it comes in handy for things like this). Voila!

It was definitely more time consuming than just sticking something in a standard gift bag, but it made for a great presentation and also (selfishly) gave me an excuse to satisfy my crafty urge since I don’t have any other fun projects going on right now! 


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Oona Johnson said...

Awesome! I love it. Too cute!

Lisa said...

Adorable gifts! I've actually done both of those for showers before too and they were huge hits! Yours looks way less complicated than mine though. I think I spent way too much time on them because that was before Pinterest!


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