Monday, July 1, 2013

Basement Inspiration: Part II

Last week, I decided to start sharing some ideas that I have for our future finished basement (partly to help keep myself motivated as we DIY our way through this looooong process). Well, it turned out I had quite a few ideas and had to cut my post short. So now I'm picking up where I left off!

As I mentioned last time, we'll have a small room that will serve as our office (and/or my craft space). We've framed out a door opening for it with something like the photo above in mind. 
We're envisioning french doors that are mounted on a track rather than hinges. Not only does this look cool, but it's also a space-saving design when you don't have to have your doors swing outward (or inward for that matter). And, the glass panels would help lend a more open feel, whether the doors themselves are actually open or not. 

Another example above of the sliding door concept. 
Ours would be more like these as far as width goes.

Since the office is on the small cozy side, we'll need to make the most of the space. Storage is a must, so a floor-to-ceiling desk like this one would be ah-mazing. Love the addition of those pendant lights too.

I also like this idea of having a desk on both sides of the office, so that Luke and I could each have our own workspace. There's still plenty of storage in this option, with the open shelves above and cabinets below. (Unfortunately our office won't have any windows so it will lack this lovely natural lighting.}

{ via ??? }

Our basement will also have one bedroom (for a total of 4 bedrooms in our house). This will ultimately be the guest bedroom. I like the idea of having built-in ledges along the wall, and we've already framed one of the bedroom walls with this feature. I'm also fond of the colors in the above picture - a relaxing aqua on the walls, along with crisp white bedding that's great for a guest room. 

The bedroom will have a pretty standard closet like the one above, and I think we'll go with sliding mirrored doors rather than solid panel doors. First, it will give the illusion that the room is bigger than it really is; and second, it's nice for guests to have a mirror when they're getting ready.

I'm just realizing that it's after 8 p.m. and I haven't had dinner yet (which is pretty typical of my summer schedule)... so, quesadilla maker, here I come! And next time, I'll share my inspiration for the family room and bar (that's where all the action will be!).

What do you think of the ideas so far?

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