Monday, May 23, 2011

How to grow a flower really fast

Aside from the occasional recipe to mix things up a little, most of the projects I've been blogging about lately have involved working with dirt and concrete. As fun as that is (insert sarcastic tone here), I have been feeling the need to make something pretty.

With that said, this little project is hardly worthy of a post, because it was so painfully simple. Trust me, I'm well aware of that. Quite frankly, it would be a insult to crafty people to even call it crafty. But I like how it turned out, so now you get to read about it!

Cute brown ceramic container from the local garden center - $8

Green hydrangea stem from Hobby Lobby - $4 (half off, of course)

Square of floral foam placed in container - $1

Cut the stem off the hydrangea, stick it into the foam, and fill around it with some landscaping rock to hide the foam.

Now I have a lovely "permanent" flower that doesn't need to depend on me to keep it alive. Even though I'm pretty fond of the brown & green color combo, it will also be easy to switch out the flower with something else when I get tired of it.

Hey, it's better than looking at more pictures of dirt and concrete, right?


Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

Cute! I like the green.

Marleah said...

Very pretty! You picked a good flower for that vase - they look great together!

Life in Rehab said... think I don't do my share of that kind of stuff too? It can't all be "we added a room onto the house using dirt, wine boxes and dog spit." Sometimes "ooooo, simple and pretty!" is nice too.

And I'm loving the dirt and concrete. Just sayin'.

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