Thursday, February 17, 2011

Giveaway winner, etc.

First of all, I'm so thrilled about the response generated by the Magnetic Etsy Giveaway! Thank you so much to everyone who entered, and to those of you who checked out Marleah’s Creations. Marleah, who generously provided the awesome magnets for the giveaway, also had a little something to say:

I'd like to thank everyone who entered the giveaway for the magnet set, and of course I'd like to especially thank Amanda for hosting it! I really appreciate this chance to share my shop with all of you, and I'm so grateful for all of the wonderful comments that I've read. I know that someone mentioned a custom order, and I would be glad to do my best to fulfill any custom orders, depending on what I have available -- specific colors, a certain area from a map? If you are interested, just let me know!

Check out all the cool stuff in her Etsy shop, if you haven't already. So I suppose you'd like to know who the lucky winner was, hmm?  According to, it was…….. comment #11 by Oleander! Congratulations on winning the Robin's Nest Magnet Set!

In other news, I also surpassed 100 followers a couple days ago – woot! I hope that I’ll be able to do another fun giveaway in the near future… guess you’ll just have to check back and see, eh?

Also, I hope to share more about our basement bathroom situation soon, too... be patient with me!

* Fellow Blogger Shout-out *
For any of you who are interested in cycling, fitness in general, or food – and heck, even if you’re not – you should check out my friend Chelsea’s new blog, The Cycle Cow. She started it to document her preparations for the 100-mile (!!!) fundraising bike ride she’s doing this June, as well as other fitness- and food-related experiences. Let’s just say, it should be one wild and entertaining ride! (Pun intended.) Don't get left behind.... she's already on post #2!


The Cycle Cow said...

Thank you for the Fellow Blogger Shout-out!! You're the best blogger friend ever! Happy DIYing! I'll go ride my bike now.

kalea_kane said...

Congratulations to Oleander! And thank you for the wonderful introduction to Marleah's fabulous work!


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