Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Storm Spotter

Awhile back, Cindy over at The Flipping Couple posted some amazingly beautiful pictures of colorful storm clouds. This inspired me to go back through my own "storm shots" over the past couple of years.

We can get some pretty wicked storms around these parts. When I was a mere apartment-dweller, I found storms much more exciting than I do now that I'm a homeowner. Although there's still somewhat of a fascination with them, my stomach churns a little when the hail begins to fall or the weatherman reports 80mph straightline winds (or, God forbid, a tornado) headed our way. Yes, we have homeowners insurance, but that's not always a comforting thought when you're huddled underneath the staircase in the basement. Luckily, our house has managed to escape from the storms unscathed as we near the end of our third summer here.

Anyway. The point is, since we've lived in our house, I've grabbed my camera to snap some pictures of some of the particularly ominous clouds as they roll in. Because, you know, it's much less stressful to look back at photos of storms than to actually experience them descending upon your defenseless little house.

The photos don't quite do justice to the real thing, probably because I haven't learned the right way to take an outdoor picture in low lighting.

Which part of nature's wrath do you dread as a homeowner?

Oh, and don't worry, I'll actually have some other updates for you soon, including....
A budding musician in the house?
The perfect stretch of empty wall that’s begging for a photo display?
An office makeover?
And, a new addition to the family?!


Amanda said...

Good to see you back! That brings back memories of living in Oklahoma. It's creepiest when it gets all quiet and still (although no, I've never been in an actual tornado). Here in Salt Lake we had some pretty bad winds last week and a tree fell on my garage! Other than that our biggest concern here is probably heavy snow storms that can cause extended power outages- nothing TOO damaging, as long as your pipes don't break.

Hillary @ The Sweet Maple Life said...

I def see some creepy faces in a few of those clouds!! Nice shots :)

Cindy @The Flipping Couple said...

Wow, those are some crazy clouds!! I LOVE storms, but they're definitely unnerving. I think I'm most worried about one of the huge trees in our neighborhood landing on our roof. That would make for a bad day. : (

Thanks for the shout out!! So glad to see you blogging!

Meg said...

I don't know what you're talking about with the storm photos! Those are incredible!! It looks like you've mastered outdoor shots to me!

And those teasers are just too much. Did you get a pet or are you growing a human? I must know!

Mrs. Chic said...

So glad your back!!! Can't wait to find out the details on your teasers...

I hate tree limbs blowing out our backyard and leaves! I hate storm cleanups

santo said...

Wooh! It seemed like a huge storm was about to hit that community. Look at those clouds! They are kinda terrifying! I love the rain but storm is a NO-NO. It makes our roof leak a lot more when there are heavy rains and hurricanes.

Santo Caridine

Alejamuel Sultz said...

They're beautiful and scary at the same time. Not of course if you already feel safe and protected in your home. I love the rain too, but not if I have a leak on the roof!


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